As a church we’re all about seeing more people transformed by Jesus, and Growth Groups are a key way we see this happen. They are mid-week gatherings, where small groups meet to encourage one another in the Christian faith by reading the Bible, praying and sharing life together.

They’re great for regular church members, giving the time and space for deep conversation, and genuine personal encouragement to grow as Christians.

And they’re great for new people too. As smaller groups it’s easier to get to know people from church, and easier to ask your questions about Jesus. Groups tend to be made up of people from the same Sunday meeting, so it’ll also help you feel more at home during Sunday church. And they change every two years or so, to help new people join new groups, and allow regulars to build deeper relationships with more people at church.

We have many different groups. So if you’re interested in joining a group, or finding out more, please email Sam.


NEW LAMBTON    33 Regent St

Sunday   8am | 10am | 5pm

Wednesday   10:30am