Our Story,
Our Team
+ Our Vision

About Us

Our story begins in 2019 when two existing churches merged: All Saints New Lambton, and Anew.

Everything we do is shaped by the Bible. We believe it is God’s authoritative Word to us.

Leadership Team

Arthur Copeman

Senior Minister &
Sunday 8am

Amy Soutter

Kids Minister

Beck Bishop

Engaging &
Sunday 10am

Evan Harris

Engaging &
Sunday 10am

Sam Broadfoot

Growing &
Sunday 5pm

Donna McCann

Admin + Accounts

Tom Hardy

Ministry Apprentice

Our Vision

To see more people transformed by Jesus.

Jesus is in the business of transforming people.

Through the finished work of his death and resurrection and by his Spirit, he is now bringing people peace with God, certain hope of eternal life, love between enemies, and even joy amidst the worst trials.

We’re asking God to continue this work through us as a church, so that He would be glorified throughout Newcastle and the world.


What does our vision look like?

By the Spirit

God is in control of all thing and has decided to work through our efforts by the power of the Holy Spirit. We plant and water, but He gives the growth.

Establish Thriving Congregations

In our context, we believe a thriving congregation will see 100 people on Sunday, new people coming to faith, and everyone using their gifts to serve God and love people.

In Five Locations

There are so many people we can’t meet if we stay in one location, so we’d love to spread out and reach more of Newcastle.

Pastored Locally

Each congregation will be overseen by a specific pastor, to ensure the ministry is done in a relational way, sensitive to the local context.

And Supported Centrally

To support the network, a ministry centre will be established in New Lambton. It will provide training, ministry resources, administration, and even some centralised ministries.

As a church we officially partner with these organisations

Would you join us?

If you’re a Christian looking for a church, would you partner with us in sharing the gospel in Newcastle? We’d love to hear if you’re moving to the area so do pop in on Sunday, or send us a message to say hello.