“Pornography is having a massive impact on our society, in our churches and on the lives of believers. Do you feel that you are equipped to face this challenge?”

1 Night / 2 Sessions

This 2-part seminar is aimed at equipping us as a church to better understand and address pornography from a Christian perspective. It’s for us as parents, as men, as women, and as teens 15+ with a parent present.

  • Session 1 will look at the current reality of porn in our society; its impacts on health, individuals, marriages, churches and society; and how it relates to our brains.
  • Session 2 will focus on our response, both living and parenting in a pornified world, a framework for freedom, and the next steps.


Linden Simmons is a Christian husband and father, with a background in Science and Education. Since finding freedom from pornography himself he has walked alongside others to find the same.

Details & RSVP

We’ll be meeting in the church hall from 7pm-9pm. To help us be organised, please RSVP via this link: http://bit.ly/turnthetide-anew