Cinta Chapman

MTS Apprentice 2021-2022

So Cinta… who’s in your family?

My immediate family are my parents and my two younger brothers, but I live with two lovely housemates. Having lived in Newcastle for a while, I do feel like lots of people at church are my family (I know that’s cliché, but it’s true!).


Why did you choose to do a ministry apprenticeship?

I had the joy of growing up in a church that invested in discipling and training me in ministry. I got to do a traineeship at church in my gap year, which challenged me to think about what I wanted to live my life for. Having seen other friends do MTS at university and church, I thought it would be a great opportunity to continue to grow in my love for God, his word and his people. Doing MTS has also helped me to keep prayerfully thinking about how I serve my saviour with the life he has given me. 


What were you doing before your apprenticeship?

I worked as a primary school teacher in a local school for a few years after university. I was teaching Visual Art to Pre-school – Year 6 kids which was lots of fun!


Have you thought about what you’ll do afterwards?

I may continue teaching in some way in the future but I am hoping, God willing, to study at Bible college next year. I am exited for the opportunity to be shaped by the Spirit as I know God and his word more, and hope I will be equipped to better teach it too. I’m not sure where that study will be or what form it will take, but I am praying that I would be faithful in living my life for Christ.

Would you support Cinta...


Key ministry areas

  • Engage ministries (mainly music Fletcher)
  • 5pm congregation
  • SRE (school scripture)
  • Young Adult, Ladies and High school girls Growth Group leading
  • 10am Kids Church

Other prayer points

  • That the gospel of Christ would by my motivation in serving others
  • For wisdom and a dependance on God and his word
  • That I might be a faithful ambassador of the gospel to those who don’t yet know Jesus


If you would like to receive quarterly prayer updates from Cinta, let her know via email.


70% of Cinta’s income is provided by our church, with the goal of raising the remaining 30% through supporters like you. This is to help ease the financial bottleneck, enabling more of our trainers to raise up future gospel leaders like Cinta.

Would you consider supporting Cinta through regular bank transfers – even $5 per week helps. Or if regular support isn’t possible, a one off gift would still be very helpful.

Financial support can be directed through the church account, provided it is clearly marked.

Account Name: All Saints ANeW

BSB: 705-077

Account Number: 0004 1184

Reference: MTS Cinta


To let Cinta know you’re supporting her, to ask for more details or to sign up for her quarterly prayer updates, please contact her at:


NEW LAMBTON 33 Regent St

SUNDAY  8am | 10am | 5pm